Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MS Archives #8 (12/13/2007)

finally getting what you were patient for....    12/13/2007

Current mood:accomplished
So here i am no longer jobless,,, i am now a pre-school teacher, i rarely swear, and life is just good all around! i always tell my husband to have patience even when i myself think "what the hell is going on" so we did and now everything is falling into place, the stress that has been lifted from my shoulders is amazing. i am still looking for more part-time work and will be going to school but the fact that i have a job as of now works for me and mike, i'm not dragging my family down anymore and it feels great! oh and for christmas mike and i got tickets from his parent to the supercross open anehime 1! totally stoked!!! all i have to do now is keep the house up and lose wieght and we are good to go!                       *mandi*

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