Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MS Archives #11 (2/12/2008)

my reward for patience!     2/12/2008

Current mood:breezy
ok so yesterday i got in the truck to drive to work and realized "crap i am bending the needle past E" i prayed to at least get to work and i figured i'd deal with getting home when it was time to go home! i pull into the preschool parking lot and i said "ok God i am not going to worry all day about how i am getting home, you are in control of my life even the gas in my car" i went to work. when i came out i got in the car and said "please let me at least get home now" i turned the key and the needle jumped up to an 8th of a tank! WOW! i was like holy cow! as i was driving home i was thanking God for this small glimmer of my security in him, i felt at peace about everything in my life. i have stopped worrying about being a mommy, and where money is comming from, how our rent is going to be paid, whats for dinner, is mike going to be sweet to me tonight, am i going to get enough sleep... all these things ive fully given to God! mike has been in good moods despite being sick, food is literally falling in our laps, i'm at peace with Gods timing in concordance with my biological clock, we paid rent on time and i am confident we will this month we have gas in our cars and the house isn't too crazy messy! i was able to crash all my classes and i know i will pass them all with B+ or better and i have mever been so well rested! God is good and i am so gretefull that i can see the good in the bad and i have a husband that may not always agree with me but he understands always and loves me always! i am the luckiest girl in the world!

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