Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MS Archives #7 (11/28/2007)

after Gods heart!        11/28/2007

Current mood:indescribable
 i like this color scheme, its light and airy to help balence the depths and the weight of the subject matter of this blog!    so here i am broken not as i was before but in many other ways, broken from my grandmothers death, broken for my papa, broken in my marriage, broken in my mind and who i have created myself to be for the past few years i'm putting a stop to light hearted walk all over me mandi i'm putting a stop to having a blind eye and deaf ear to what God has in store for me, i'm done not stepping on toes because anyone who really knows me knows i never really ever held back till recently, God created me a spacific way, i don't need to change it only he will and inhance who i am as my love and devotion to him grows deeper.  God created me to speak of him with my life and my heart and when i open my mouth instead of crusading for my paycheck, or what my husband isn't doing, or how upset i am with my family i can put that conviction to good use with out the word fuck and shit and all that bad stuff because people admire me and listen to me as it is i dont need to cheapen it. when i do open my mouth God can go back to using it. this is me putting my foot down, this is me turning in haste and fleeing my icky life and running back into my fathers arms. i am the prodecle all over again. my eyes are open my Gifts restored i feel like i was looking at a old progection bigscreen (bigscreens are cool right?), well so were my gifts, but now i am looking at a flat screen 1080i with full HD my gifts have morphed into a preception with clarity that knows no ends. no static on this line, i'm back to being right with God, all else will fall in place.

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