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MS Archives #19 (6/9/2008)

the last few blogs!!!  6/9/2008

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ok so the last few blogs i wrote are depressing not all things i nessesarily believe but its out there some people think that way some days are depressing even if you have christ on your side, welcome to human nature. i'm just letting those who dont know me that well, know that i believe and have faith in one thing but i have full understanding of many things and am open to hear what you have to offer. what kind of person would i be if i was always bible thumping, glimmers and smiles and preaching at you???? no, i'm real, so feel free to be real with me! and notice the last blog says WHAT IF.... and the word profecy was used loosley, i feel it is true but i dont want anyone to think i am defaming profecy all together profecy as well means a gift a miracle from God giving us visions,  knowledge or understanding of the future. profecy in the sense that was written in my last blog was a play on words,,,, it was ment as a thinker! enjoy......
thanx every one! much love *muah*

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