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MS Archives #14 (5/16/2008)

life as i know it summ 08    5/16/2008

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ok so far this year has been ok. this week i may have found mike and i a house $200 cheaper in a nicer area of town closer to his parents (unlike mine who live directly across the street at this moment) and closer to my work, the school drive is about the same!    anywho...
 i have so much homework to do... i have 6 assignments in bio one is extra credit and one is a major project the rest are random acts of perpetual stress, i have 4 papers to type for child developement and a 12 page paper to finish for english and i also have to email My lit teacher a questionare! all this needs to be done by mon/tues, 3 DAYS yikes! hmmmm well no need to stress out i guess! oh yeah and i also have to study for 4 finals! wooo whoo!
  today i started THE MASTER CLEANSE it is a 10 day fast with this organic drink concoction that rids every nook and crany in your body of toxins oh yeah and it makes ya poo like "whaaaaaaaaat!" so yeah it has been fun i actually cheated already and ate a small microwave pizza i figue if i ween myself onto it it'll be better and then count ten days of total fasting so i guess i'll be drinking this stuff for about 12 days. either way it isnt bad at all and i feel great so far. by the end of all this i shoud lose like 20 lbs,,, can i get an amen?! it also rids your body of the toxins that cause learning disabilities so i am hoping to be that much sharper at the end of this journey!
   mike is doing well at his job as am i and we are expecting my financial aid any day now i'm getting a huge amount (all back owed "retro") and then we are getting another check in a month and a half for this upcomming semester, we can hardly wait for our government insentive check as well so it looks as though we are doing superb on the fiscal front----
   this summer i am taking 11units which is nuts for a condensed courses as summer is,  i am mainly stressing about chemestry my mom talked me into taking it she told me to bite the bullet and get it done and pray i understand it, so everyone be praying for me i'm going to need it. my chem class starts at 7:45am and ends at 5pm i'm thinking im gonna be all chemestried out when summer school is over!
 so i have been waiting almost 2 weeks for an e-bay purchase and when i rolled into my drive way today i noticed the fed-ex truck rounding the corner, i stood in my driveway and waited to see what he was going to do, sure enough he pulled up to my moms house and started to walk to her door, i darted across the street and ambushed him, expaining the situation he alowed me to sign. the heavens parted, angels sang and God said "this too is good" as i ripped the box open while walking my happy butt home, i pulled out the first black satin w/ bity white polka dots peep toe 4" heel... PERFECTLY day was made with that small moment and i can garentee my weekend has been made as well!!!!!!!!!
well i hope everyone is caught up now i need to get to homework! thanx for stoppin by...........

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