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MS Archives #6 (10/20/2007)

A friends thoughts on love, and my 2cents!     10/20/2007

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ok, so a friend of mine i grew up with (literally he was like my big brother) wrote this i think its funny, this is the stuff i was always taught and i agree with fully. i didn't feel much like typing but i wanted to prove to some people that i and my husband (i hope)and a couple people in this world do believe in real love. i have some friends and perhaps myself every now and then get caught up on the worlds standards of love and marriage and it isn't right. this stuff is exactly how i feel and its crazy theres more than just a hand full of us that feel this way.

"Get comfortable.  Get something to drink maybe something to munch; perhaps even go to the bathroom...this is gonna take awhile.
As requested, these are my thoughts on love.
I said before that I have spent a lot of time exploring my feelings lately for these classes.  For some reason love and relationships are at the top of my list.  Many of you have asked me for my conclusions; so, here we go.
Nice guys don't finish last.  To say that they finish last implies that they were allowed in the race to begin with.  THEY WEREN'T!  Nice guys are expected to stand on the sidelines so the girls have someone to talk to while they wait for the best of the bad guys to cross the finish line first.
I hate feet.  What would I do if the love of my life asked me to rub her feet?  Love is about sacrifice.
For a long time I stopped believing in love.  I love God, my family, baseball; but romantic love, doesn't exist.  I thought it was lust with a little emotion spinkled in, but just as fleeting.  Since love isn't real we are supposed to marry whomever annoys us the least.
Love takes a lot of work.  It's easy to love someone with a perfect body or a gorgeous smile.  Love is about imperfection.  No one is perfect, so love is really about their imperfections.  Loving them even though they snore, root for the Padres, or listen to Hillary Duff.
You can't bring two imperfect people together and expect a perfect union.  If anything, you have TWICE the imperfection.  Both people have to work together, a 50/50 relationship is a failing one.  Both have to give 100%.  That's what love is all about, not whomever annoys you the least but the one who is worth it.  The one that is worth the struggles and the challenges.  That's the one you marry. 
Some day I'm going to meet the love of my life and I will have my happily ever after.  She will be worth all of the effort I put into our relationship and I will be worth it to her. 
And yes...I will rub her feet." -JD

even i sacrafice when i don't want to because my husband is more important to me, so i guess we should ask ourselves is this what we are striving for in our lives, relationships, marriages? because if we aren't trust me you should!

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