Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MS Archives #12 (3/24/2008)

what the,,, not again!  3/24/2008

Current mood:complacent
ok so what have i been up to... well lets see, my birthday sucked eggs, from now on i am going to make a big deal of it to feel special to make up for everyone who doesnt give a crap but can ask me for advice, help or an ear to whine in 24-7. and when mike and i went out to dinner on the 19th in velencia and came home we came home to a notice on the door stating that the bank took the house back so our land lord no longer owns it,,, hmmmm what to do what to do... well i called the bank and they did mess up, wheather they messed up enough to give the house back to our landlord, who knows? so we have 45 days to figure out if we want to buy it,,, with our supurb credit, NOT! or move out, in the event that our landlord loses it completely,,, i am stuck on this one, either way we come out on top and money is finally in place! but i have so much on my plate right now the fight or flight neurons seem a little tweeked, i have no clue how we will get out of this one! unless someone co-signs...which is highly unlikely we may just have to move AGAIN!!! so sick of this... well everyone pray for me and my situation i am so sick of everyone elses problems becoming my problems! other than all that things are going fine i guess once we get mikes w-2 from 2006 we can actually get financial aide and student loans! way stoked on that!

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