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MS Archives #20 (11/10/2008)

those kinds of people!!!   11/10/2008

Current mood:aggravated
so you know those kinds of people that think they know everything about everything and in their "im spouting and controlling everything i think i know, on everyone around me" and in that mix they start actually showing you how stupid they are and then you as a classy smart person are subjected to a couple controlling idiots until you get up and go home... ummm yeah! that is why even God said "a fool is thought to be wise when he is silent!" yes i am young, yes i am a dork but i am educated and have both common sense and street smarts (who'da thunk?!), oh and cooth to respect others around me that are subjected to it as well, plus i have a voice to stick up for what i believe and not blame on others the dumb choices i made especially not the petty ones! yup triple threat and all the controlling idiots better watch out because one day im not gonna care whose around and what is heard you're gonna get the reality check of your life,,,, bring a dictionary smarty pants, yer gonna need it! and for those of you that know my husband and or are close to him, i married him for a reason and he i, yes he can be an a-hole but im the broad that can handle that (not to be confused with putting up with it) so if mike scares you or intimidates you then maybe instead of talking crap or judging his wife you should think again and be scared of the one who tamed the beast!(with the nice butt) thanx!!!

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