Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting to know you.....

      I have been planning to do this for a while now but every time I sit down to Blog I go on and on about myself! Im very interested in who everyone is that views my blog! Who are you, how did you hear about me, find me, stumble on to me?
   There are a some who I know directly who love me and care about what Im up to. And others indirectly and their motives are clear as well, stalking me for some sort of ammunition or scare tactic! All you jealous hasbeens, petty people I don't want in my life, and collection agencies aka: FIRESIDE BANK!  I thought Fireside went under with all the other crappy banks, I didn't find it necessary to continue my deferring of people going through that bank because it was supposedly not an available option due to their crappy service, shiesty ways and their inability to COLLECT! Ha ha but thank you for getting paid your 10% above minimum wage to read my blog what a good way to work, know I returned my vehicle 6 years ago because I wanted nothing to do with you people and so it will stay that way. I already have 2 new vehicles which isn't hard to do with crappy credit in this economy (they're like join the club but we need to sell a car!) I live on the beach in a cute little house and I have a wonderful family, no one can take that away from me! Also I worked in collections for a time, if I were your boss Id fire you with your lies and half ass techniques they don't work... Im a dead end Tom, Tim, Ted what ever your name is... all of your numbers will be blocked soon anyway!

   To every one else who I don't know Ive been tracking you! Im amazed every day there is a new potential friend welcoming me into their home! Here are the numbers...


    I know for a while there Romania and Malaysia were on there once a day for up to a week after every post I had! It was/is very exciting for me! I would love to hear from you! Comment on this post or email me Im dying to know who you are and why you read my posts. What do you get out of it, what do you want to see more of? Please let me know! I wish the US numbers were broken down to the states as well it would be interesting to me to know where every one is from!

     Thank you so much for Following me! Until next time!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things to do... wah ditty, ditty dum, ditty dooo...

   I have only a few minutes to type this because Ezra is stirring from his 3 hour nap! Should have started it when he first went down! 
   Christmas is in the air, and so is the end of my school semester and the spring cleaning/organizing I missed while bed ridden last spring! 
   School Is nuts as it is at the end of every semester because I procrastinate never buy my books anymore (unless it's a language or science class) I finally set up my test dates I have two weeks of a 2 finals, a midterm, a report, and a huge project! Yes, this is how I roll every semester since 2 years back! No books no homework and barley showing up to class, this semester because of the pregnancy and recovery! My Social Analysis class I have to copy the book at the library and I haven't even started reading or looking at the teachers notes! I have a mid term (chap 1-6) next friday and the final the following friday (chap 7-12) and somewhere in there a huge project due! Plus a final in Ceramics, a report and like 6 things to glaze and fire! Come next semester I need to break my cycle and buckle down, actually study and pay attention, buy the books and read them, because I can't always plan on my logic and last minute abilities. One day it'll bite me in the butt! I've made a habit, a system out of it and I need to go back to the study habits I had the first couple years of school, Plus if I want to be a doctor I need to know, understand, and love that crap! Keep the natural smarts in the back pocket for a rainy day! I've decided it's a good new years resolution!
   Christmas this year is something we are really looking forward to! Having a child really makes all the difference! We have made sure to budget this year which we try to do every year but this year is a must and Im positive it will still be more than we should be spending but I don't care and I cant wait! 
   Being off for Christmas break I cant wait to clean and organize which means finishing Ezra's room, painting the bathroom and organizing the kitchen and all the new baby things! I plan to extent our counter space in the kitchen as well as adding several drawers so we have plenty of storage space! Also we were given a huge trunk box thing used as a coffee table, it sits in my brothers storage unit waiting for the green light to come to our home! Its just so big I don't want to lose floor space in our tiny house even though it can house all kinds of blankets and bedding, freeing up hall closet space... what a dilemma! 

    I still haven't started training for this marathon and I think I bit off more than I can chew, it may also just be too soon! Maybe I should just run for fitness and pleasure and if Im not pregnant 2013 Ill run that one... We shall see I can also look into a bunch of 5K events as well! We shall see! As far as getting fit that is a must so hopefully I am by my Birthday which is the actual goal!

   Today Ezra is 11 weeks old It's amazing how fast things go by! I love him so much! Many Milestones are taking place, he is the bubble blowing King, he grabs a lot more these days, responds to sounds and actually looks in the direction from which they came, he knows his name, still loves to dance, carries on conversations with us in his baby babble! We added the DHA & Probiotic baby cereal to his diet twice a day to bulk up his meals I add organic fruit/veggie mix puree to it so its kinda like a smoothie and he drinks it down! He had a cold all last week whether he got it 3rd hand from Mikes employees or Paislie is a toss up. It would make more sense coming from Paise because he was sick exactly 3 days after said cousin love and Paise was sick. Oh well at least it wasn't the flu and thank God he has his shots! The last doctors appointment he went to he was 12pounds, 24", and his head was 16" that is 95th percentile for height, 50th for weight and 55th for head! He is a big boy!
Thanksgiving Ezra planking on the Dinner table!
My sister inlaw and I messing around in my grams kitchen!
bath time!

Our first big walk almost 6 miles!

   I also started coupon clipping it is so organized my OCD is showing! I cant wait to have enough coupons to where we are really saving!