Friday, October 19, 2012

What's A Hiatus?!

It has been 6.5 months since I have blogged. Though I have been away from my site I have by no means been away from life itself in fact so much has happened it's been quite the opposite! Ezra started walking around the end of July but preferred crawling for another month and if he wanted to walk he cruised, or walked across small gaps. He says a ton of words! He eats big people food all on his own!I stopped working with my client Kim right before school started. I'm at CSUCI now an have decided to continue my plan to double major only I picked a specialty neuroscience with an emphasis in genetics, and my second major psych, my minor social business which will do nothing but help me when it comes time to open my wellness center. I have about a year and a half till I graduate with my BS/BA and my first med school pick is UCSD, my second is a tie between UCLA and USC my third is UAPhoenix my fourth is UCBerkley after that everything is free for all, up the west coast first, then the east coast, my last choices are TX and ID all other center states and Midwest states aren't going to happen I promised Mike I wouldn't apply to any of those states. And I plan to go for surgeon.School has been difficult juggling a toddler, a home, and school. Like usual a new school mean financial aid takes forever and a day. I didn't get it till the end of September and I finally got my books all but one which is in postal limbo. I was sick for a week and then Ez got sick an was sick on and off so I missed a bunch of classes so I'm behind. I decided earlier this week to drop 2 classes to preserve my resume and GPA. So I can now stop stressing!


        Ezra turned one in September and I am so proud of him, he has made leaps and bounds beyond what any Dr ever imagined him to be at an embryo. Mike being home 24/7 is very helpful, he is the best Daddy I have ever seen, I am blown away by his compassion and patience with Ezra. When I see Mike with Ezra it reminds me of Gods love. I have never ever physically seen with my own eyes a love like this. It's mind blowing. We plan on trying for our next bundle next summer. I really don't want to be crazy pregnant in the hot months, plus I want the age difference to be about a two and a half years like my brother and I. It sounds crazy after all I went through to get Ez, to want another one, heck another two! But honestly lately I've had baby fever, when I look back at Ez new baby pictures my heart kind of aches. He is growing so fast! Today in my Human Sexual Behavior class my teacher showed a video of multiple in utero scans from conception up to child birth and they added some artistic animation to it with classical music and I was crying. 

Its hard to deny a creator after watching that video. My uterus was screaming at me to let it help create life again. It is all odd how that happens. Anyway I'm finally dropping all this baby/bad medication weight. It's a good thing too with the class of 2001 high school reunion coming up in November. I'm starting to feel like myself again and even look like me again!

His first Lolli!

My boy has a sense of humor! We push our faces against the glass!

Me, my sister in law Angi, and our good friend Caitlin.

Daddy, Ez and Cousin Paislie!
My most recent Tat on my left shoulder, I want Fearless on my right!

Me on my way to school this week, Im finally lookin' like me again.

We got Ez a tent and tunnel for his birthday! He loves it!

My Disney boy!
I took this today, too bad my phone went out of focus.