Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting to know you.....

      I have been planning to do this for a while now but every time I sit down to Blog I go on and on about myself! Im very interested in who everyone is that views my blog! Who are you, how did you hear about me, find me, stumble on to me?
   There are a some who I know directly who love me and care about what Im up to. And others indirectly and their motives are clear as well, stalking me for some sort of ammunition or scare tactic! All you jealous hasbeens, petty people I don't want in my life, and collection agencies aka: FIRESIDE BANK!  I thought Fireside went under with all the other crappy banks, I didn't find it necessary to continue my deferring of people going through that bank because it was supposedly not an available option due to their crappy service, shiesty ways and their inability to COLLECT! Ha ha but thank you for getting paid your 10% above minimum wage to read my blog what a good way to work, know I returned my vehicle 6 years ago because I wanted nothing to do with you people and so it will stay that way. I already have 2 new vehicles which isn't hard to do with crappy credit in this economy (they're like join the club but we need to sell a car!) I live on the beach in a cute little house and I have a wonderful family, no one can take that away from me! Also I worked in collections for a time, if I were your boss Id fire you with your lies and half ass techniques they don't work... Im a dead end Tom, Tim, Ted what ever your name is... all of your numbers will be blocked soon anyway!

   To every one else who I don't know Ive been tracking you! Im amazed every day there is a new potential friend welcoming me into their home! Here are the numbers...


    I know for a while there Romania and Malaysia were on there once a day for up to a week after every post I had! It was/is very exciting for me! I would love to hear from you! Comment on this post or email me Im dying to know who you are and why you read my posts. What do you get out of it, what do you want to see more of? Please let me know! I wish the US numbers were broken down to the states as well it would be interesting to me to know where every one is from!

     Thank you so much for Following me! Until next time!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things to do... wah ditty, ditty dum, ditty dooo...

   I have only a few minutes to type this because Ezra is stirring from his 3 hour nap! Should have started it when he first went down! 
   Christmas is in the air, and so is the end of my school semester and the spring cleaning/organizing I missed while bed ridden last spring! 
   School Is nuts as it is at the end of every semester because I procrastinate never buy my books anymore (unless it's a language or science class) I finally set up my test dates I have two weeks of a 2 finals, a midterm, a report, and a huge project! Yes, this is how I roll every semester since 2 years back! No books no homework and barley showing up to class, this semester because of the pregnancy and recovery! My Social Analysis class I have to copy the book at the library and I haven't even started reading or looking at the teachers notes! I have a mid term (chap 1-6) next friday and the final the following friday (chap 7-12) and somewhere in there a huge project due! Plus a final in Ceramics, a report and like 6 things to glaze and fire! Come next semester I need to break my cycle and buckle down, actually study and pay attention, buy the books and read them, because I can't always plan on my logic and last minute abilities. One day it'll bite me in the butt! I've made a habit, a system out of it and I need to go back to the study habits I had the first couple years of school, Plus if I want to be a doctor I need to know, understand, and love that crap! Keep the natural smarts in the back pocket for a rainy day! I've decided it's a good new years resolution!
   Christmas this year is something we are really looking forward to! Having a child really makes all the difference! We have made sure to budget this year which we try to do every year but this year is a must and Im positive it will still be more than we should be spending but I don't care and I cant wait! 
   Being off for Christmas break I cant wait to clean and organize which means finishing Ezra's room, painting the bathroom and organizing the kitchen and all the new baby things! I plan to extent our counter space in the kitchen as well as adding several drawers so we have plenty of storage space! Also we were given a huge trunk box thing used as a coffee table, it sits in my brothers storage unit waiting for the green light to come to our home! Its just so big I don't want to lose floor space in our tiny house even though it can house all kinds of blankets and bedding, freeing up hall closet space... what a dilemma! 

    I still haven't started training for this marathon and I think I bit off more than I can chew, it may also just be too soon! Maybe I should just run for fitness and pleasure and if Im not pregnant 2013 Ill run that one... We shall see I can also look into a bunch of 5K events as well! We shall see! As far as getting fit that is a must so hopefully I am by my Birthday which is the actual goal!

   Today Ezra is 11 weeks old It's amazing how fast things go by! I love him so much! Many Milestones are taking place, he is the bubble blowing King, he grabs a lot more these days, responds to sounds and actually looks in the direction from which they came, he knows his name, still loves to dance, carries on conversations with us in his baby babble! We added the DHA & Probiotic baby cereal to his diet twice a day to bulk up his meals I add organic fruit/veggie mix puree to it so its kinda like a smoothie and he drinks it down! He had a cold all last week whether he got it 3rd hand from Mikes employees or Paislie is a toss up. It would make more sense coming from Paise because he was sick exactly 3 days after said cousin love and Paise was sick. Oh well at least it wasn't the flu and thank God he has his shots! The last doctors appointment he went to he was 12pounds, 24", and his head was 16" that is 95th percentile for height, 50th for weight and 55th for head! He is a big boy!
Thanksgiving Ezra planking on the Dinner table!
My sister inlaw and I messing around in my grams kitchen!
bath time!

Our first big walk almost 6 miles!

   I also started coupon clipping it is so organized my OCD is showing! I cant wait to have enough coupons to where we are really saving!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Wallick Family Update

      So its been a while! Today Ezra is 2 months and 1 week! I cant believe how fast he is growing it excites me and makes me sad! Mike went back to work on November 9th which was a good thing and a little bit upsetting, both myself and Ezra miss him. It is evident Ez knows the difference after having 2 parents in his face 24/7 to only one for most of the time!
      Ezra has gone through 3 growth spurts 2 of which threw the whole house off, to the point where his sleep patterns and my milk supply have been effected. I have been so tired especially since mike has gone back to work we have begun to add formula to my milk at night before bed to bulk it up so he sleeps longer, plus me going back to school 2 nights a week we were all over the map and now My milk supply is low and that causes crazy baby and more frequent feedings and more formula substituting which I am not a fan of, period! Yesterday was Mikes day off and Ezra refuses to sleep like he will miss out on the action or something but he seems to want that time with Mike, However it throws him off for a day or two, mix that with the lack of milk and me trying to re-implement our schedule... it is mayhem! My first line of action FENUGREEK stimulates milk supply exponentially! Which means more to feed and pump and store and more calories burned (because we know that is a huge must!) Also a nice little side effect it makes your sweat, urine and sometime poo smell like maple syrup same with Ezra he will also sport a little Ihop aroma as well! Totally down to smell sweet since the hormones from having the baby have made me get this funk smell going on, even straight out of the shower, not a joy of motherhood, needn't I say! Another down side to the sporadic breast feeding and sleep habits... A period, yes it has been exactly a year since I have had one, super disappointed but the silver lining... I will have a better idea of when Im pregnant again!
      Haven't even begun to work out yet, Im way disappointed in myself but I have taken into consideration that I have a new baby and well until I get a jogger stroller I have to do it when Mike is home. I plan to borrow one from a friend but that will probably not happen for a couple more days anyway with thanksgiving and menses all taking place!

A few fun Facts:
* Ez is literally growing about a half an inch a week!
* He is in 3-6 month clothes now
* He had his shots at 6 weeks and the flu vaccination made him sick for 2 days.
* He holds his head up, which started about 6.5 weeks
* He still loves to dance
* He was in the 98th percentile for his height, 55th for weight to height, and 40th for his head @6 weeks    
   Who knows how nuts it is now?!
* He was dedicated to God on Oct 30th @6 weeks old
* He laughs ALL the time, at least when he isn't fussing through a growth spurt or an off day!
* He now mimics whistle lips, waving, sticking out your tongue, eye brows up and down, and the sound
* He laughs a lot
* He has found his syllables "Ma" and "Ggg" (ggg as in "g"rapes)

Dedication day!

In other news:
   Almost done with school this semester 4 weeks left. I have a presentation and two tests in one class that I haven't even opened the book for yet, wish me luck on that one. And a few more projects due in ceramics due on Dec 2nd, I am doing very well in ceramics and in talking to my teacher I have decided to do custom pottery pieces and sell them, that will come in handy along with my hair jobs and photography company!
   Mike and I got a new truck so now we have 2 working vehicles I am giving my other car to my brother and using it as a tax write off!
   As of January 1st I will be a university girl continuing Pre-med goals, psychology and sociology.
   This up coming year Mike and I decided to go on a missions trip to Costa Rica in July. We will be fundraising and looking for sponsors. We started a fund that anyone can donate to via credit card, debit card or pay pal so if any one is interested in supporting out cause check out the link! I will be talking more and more about it as the trip gets closer.


The How It Is Alert: A Means To An End:::
    I have a Cyber-Stalker I am actually quite flattered that this individual has allowed me to invade her thoughts and ruin her relationships without me even lifting a finger, batting an eye, or caring about her, who she is or what she stands for. It's interesting to be given such authority in ones life without being asked or even involved. Fantasy emotions conjured up out of nothing, maybe jealousy, or an obvious personality disorder. But know this, everything I post be it on my blog or on Facebook anything public forum is all PUBLIC there is nothing that hasn't been heard, read, seen by others on my sites that I have posted because I have nothing to hide. I will NOT be censored or walk on eggshells to please people. I say it how it is and some people can't handle that, but it is in No way my problem or the problem of anyone with whom I have relationship, so stop bothering others by twisting and manipulating.  If there is something you would like to say instead of stirring the pot and attempting to cause dissension in my happy little life feel free to email me and Ill call you Im willing to have a grown up conversation over the phone. Otherwise put on your big girl panties and quit sending my child things! You are spending money to warm the homeless. Im setting BOUNDARIES for myself and my family. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND ADHERE TO THEM.  You are the only one who lets what I say cause you to show your true ugly colors, acting in this unhealthy hateful manner, its petty and predictable.  I don't have time to Hate people who hate me because Im too busy loving people who love me! I am done with you and this topic as is the rest of the world according to you. Thank you and once again I pray you get out of life whatever it is you are searching for.



Friday, October 21, 2011

Milestones N' Marathons...

     I have been keeping track of Ezra's  Progress on a notepad, and trying to find time to put it in his baby book i figured Id start here plus my friend Kristen did it so i thought Id copy her because she is so on top of crap its retarded! ;) Also i plan on printing out all the Blogs about Ezra's journey to my arms for his baby book anyway so this will work out! It has been one month since Ezra joined us and i think it is important to keep track of how far he has come.


*So far reddish light brown hair from Mommy and Daddy and brown eyes just like daddy!

*Breast fed only but takes a bottle with only breast milk, loves the occasional Nuk in the juice, goes crazy if he isn't fed when he wants to be fed like both mommy and daddy, but we are so giving full credit to dad on this one because it is seriously CRAZY!

*Loves mommys hair and daddies scruff!

*Is obsessed with his hands and arms, he always has to be touching his face just like mommy!

*Is a total night owl like mommy is/was before daddy put her on a schedule but now we get to relive the bop till you drop nights!

*Is a heavy sleeper, again like mommy!

*Loves Music, ALL music he has a thing for trumpets, flutes & electronica!

*Loves to snuggle

*Cant get enough of being swaddled!

*Loves his swing

*Is a total water baby Loves bath time!

*Is very thick skinned, unless its minor and random, ha ha

*Likes car rides and shopping

*Sleeps through Jack hammers and you name it during the day but at night he will wake up to the sound of anything we don't want him to hear, like us whispering even though a siren went off 30 seconds prior!


*SEPTEMBER 18TH 2011 6:45AM
    Ezra was born albs 15oz 21"

   Partial Bath @ home

  Many spontaneous smiles for mom and dad

  First outing with Mommy, Daddy and GG to the mall and Andrea's Seafood @ the Ventura Harbor

  First Drs. visit

  Ezras Circumcision Only cried a little when strapped to the board but cooed at me the whole time!            
  Brave Boy!

  Started rolling back and forth to get on his sides

  Mimics facial expressions, and can hold head up for longer than 30 seconds

  Responded to Daddy waving and waved back... not just once but every time Daddy waved Ezra          
  waved (on Video)

  Umbilical cord falls out

  First real full bath, and can hold his head up on his own for a short period of time

  First real smiles in response to Mommy and Daddy!

  Starts to notice the kitties as different from everything else, very much intrigued!

    Both Mike and I are doing great with the transition not a lot of sleep but we have learned to catch up when we can, our house is in complete disarray and  it kinda like a whatever matter thanks to the lack of sleep, I dont know how people let outsiders clean their home when they go through large transitions as we have, there is no way in hell id let anyone who isn't me or mike step foot in this house. i mean it isn't that crazy but i dont want to share it with anyone either!
    Both our families are in love with Ezra they cant get enough of him and we are so blessed to have such a good looking and sweet mannered infant who is pleasant to be around. Mikes Parents finally get to legitimately spoil, bless and enjoy a grandchild for once instead of feeling responsible for his well being or worried for his little upbringing. In the words of Mikes mom (gramee sandy) "Ezra has given me a new lease on life!" and his dad (papa hal) call Ezra his "little prince".  My mom (gg)is very happy about Ezra she feels ecstatic about the relationship she is already able to have with him, she spoils the tar outta him and like mikes parents is very helpful when it comes to wanting to be active in the basic necessities of Ezras development. My grandparents (the greats) and uncles feel the same as my mom, and my dad (papa bob) cant get enough of him!  There is the matter of my best friend (brother) who hasn't held Ezra let alone seen him face to face and well that doesn't just bother me and hurt my feelings it down right pisses me off! I was beating down Lancaster to see my Niece when she was born, in fact I helped cleaned their house, washed his car and got an oil change for them while she was in labor/giving birth, on top of helping them out with food and such. Im not asking for any of that I just want him to show up and that is it. I even told him while in the hospital id pay for his gas to get to me, my mom and dad were in agreement and still no show. I know they read this, so now maybe they might get how LAME it all is, there is really no excuse but they will be made, mark my words! So Brother of mine I love you very much and that is why I am so deeply hurt and disappointed in the lack of effort on your part, I will leave it all at this statement tonight and I wont make a big deal of it any further, call me dramatic as you usually do but I think in all honesty it's a fair emotion to feel on my part in spite of it all. If one of you can make it to an arts and crafts festival with someone you barely tolerate I would assume one of you could have made it to the long awaited birth of the nephew especially the Uncle of said nephew, or the excuses for not able to get time off work months/weeks in advance but a week long trip to Arizona is all gravy? One day is all I asked a few hours, its total weak sauce! I dont understand the dynamics there but they are dumb because they seem to affect others on the outside but close to you! Sorry to blast it up but long nights awake give me time to think and I would never do that and Bro you know it. Im so sorry if this is drama but I had to get it off my chest and this is how I roll.
    Anyway back to the non-bitter end of reality Mike and I are blessed beyond measure and we often get weepy thinking about all God has entrusted to us! We are already making long term family plans. We are stopping all forms of birth control after my birthday March 18th 2012 and after Mike birthday June 20th 2012 if we arent already Pregnant we will be trying again. We have been brainstorming with my dad for family vacations may they be weekends or week long trips the planning has started and it has been kicked into high gear for late winter/early spring and summer!

    It is no secret i am a very goal oriented individual, that said i have a week and a half from now till my 6 week check up and clearance to start high impact training. i have a goal to be slimmer than pre-baby by christmas and totally ripped by my birthday... the LA Marathon which takes place on my birthday march 18th is an exciting reason to get fit as well, 26.2 miles.  so now i have 2 goals and I am very excited... So something new to follow here on my blog other than Ezra now that my crazy pregnancy is over!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Birthing Ezra Experience!

     Yes it has been some time since I have been on, between finding time to get away to blog and wanting to, it just didn't pan out. Today is Ezra's 1 month birthday every morning I wake up to a happy, healthy baby I find I am beyond exponentially grateful! There will be a lot of uncapitalized I's and probably horrific punctuation and grammar, this is going to take me forever to put together as is and i dont really have the extra time to proof read and look like a scholar much less a tired momma with a couple degrees so bare with us all and grasp the gist.
      The days leading up to the night we had to check into the hospital were very very full as i scurried around town and our home like a tweeker, battening down the hatch, tieing up loose ends, and psycho nesting. we had an appointment to be @ L&D by 11pm on Friday September 16th. They had to soften my cervix before they could induce me. i cleaned and cleaned right up till about 9:45 then i took a long shower washing my hair taking care of unwanted hair in the event that a C-section would arise, and blow drying my hair strait so i wasn't rocking it ruff and stuff with my white girl afro puff! Who knew when I would have this baby! On the way to the hospital i downed a huge iced tea and a 6" turkey bacon avocado sandwich that took about 5 min! ha ha! We finally get to L&D with all out belongings and the stuff we wanted to take Ezra home in. Once hooked up to monitors i was already in full blown labor from my non-stop cleaning and running around. However i was only 1cm dialated, or should i say 1cm locked down!
so they slip me the drug and the cramping begun it was painful but ask anyone there, I was cracking jokes the WHOLE time. The only time i swore was to myself when things got a little intense and even then it was to emphasis some crude enuendo or joke. I basically had the nursing staff and my family in stitches or shaking their heads laughing through out my stay! I wasn't one of those lunatic, lamaz breathing freak preggos you see on tv or hear about through the grapevine!

4 hours in and still smiling!
    By 5am the following morning (saturday) i was 4cm and my contractions were 2 min apart lasting over a minute. I called my mom to let her know the progress because she was having a hard time getting out of work for the day. She was immediately flipping out, irritated that she was stuck going to work. By 7am I called my mom back and she was sobbing at work scared she would miss it all, i assured her everything would be fine. Meanwhile i had sent mike home to sleep a couple hours, take care of the animals and wait for my dad to show up at 10a. My dad, and my best friend Nikki were up in the Antelope Valley getting up and ready to come out here to Ventura for the birth. My mom by 8am was able to leave work and her and Nikki showed up at the same exact time in the hospital parking lot, my dad and mike got here at 9:45am. So by 10am everyone that needed to be here was. I was almost at 4.5cm and had seemed to platue, they gave me more cervix softener and started my pictocin to induce me.  the doctor at one point told the nurses that i wasnt dialated enough to starve me so they said i could have whatever i wanted, I sent mike to Del Taco for chili cheese fries with sour cream knowing full well i would either barf it up or lose it during birth on the table but i didnt care! I grubbed it like it was my only meal for days! By 3pm i was in so much pain and everything started to go slower because of the pain the epidural was ok'd. The epidural was the only time i cried dangling my feet off the bed unable to touch the floor for stability, haunching my back to the point where i thought id pass out because ezra was so big and still pretty high into my stomach and i was so bloated nothing would bend. All of me hurt and ached, i wanted to vomit and i had a migraine, the joking lessened by that point. after the Epidural took effect they put in a catheter.  Once i didnt have massive pain i was back to crackin jokes and finally able to sleep some. Shortly after the Epidural Dr. Ramirez came in to check on me and broke my water. Things began to progress well after that and he predicted that we could have a baby by midnight. he came back one other time to attach a fetal monitor to Ezra's head so they could have a more accurate heartbeat, it was at that point that he told me Ezra had hair! Midnight came and went i could still feel my contractions but they didnt make me want to take a hostage any longer. My Dad and Mike went home around 9:45pm, my Mom took the couch in the room and Nikki the floor or in the hospital bed with me. @2am (sunday) the nurse came in a little worried because my temp had been between 101 and 103 steadily for over an hour and they started to do what they could to keep it down, it was at that point that i was approaching 12 hours ruptured and it became a little scetchy especially since i had a fever, antibiotics were immediatley started. At 4am i had this crazy urge to push like fighting it made me want to cry i like NEEDED to push! i called the nurse in and she checks me I was 9cm dialated, she tells me what ever i have to do to keep from pushing do it, so i started to hit the epidural button over and over again! i called Mike at 4:30, L&D started to call the Doc at home and that is when it all started, mike and my dad got to the hospital about 15 - 20 minutes later. Dr. Ramirez showed up about 5:30a checked every thing out he informed me that because i had a fever in the night the NICU nurses would be in the room on stand by in the event that something had gone wrong in the womb. He then went to catch up on report with the nurses.

between pushes

      @ 6am my nurse came in to check my dialation and i was at 9.5cm, she then went to let Ramirez know. He walked through the door at about 6:15am to "check me" i had my dad step out of the room as i had every time i had to spread the glory, Ramirez says to him it will be real quick. so my dad stood right outside the room and waited. Ramirez in regular scrubs, and a baseball cap still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, says "ok amanda we are gonna check you" he checks me and then he says "you know what? Why dont you give me one good push" so I did, he says "wow" lets do another one so i did... he says "ok hold on" next thing i know he starts to gear up, i look at the nurse and say what about my catheter, she says "oh yeah ill remind him we need to get that out when he is done" took Ramirez less than a minute to gear up, everyone is called in. He says "ok amanda Push" so i push again I say "the catheter", he says "oh ok, i felt the urge to push" he said "push a little bit" i pushed A LOT and the inflated catheter came flying out at the Docs face he catches it in the air stunned! my nurse was like "whoa" and my mother "good pushing!" ha ha it was pretty nuts, so we resume our pushing... i pushed and pushed. Ramirez got the vacumm extractor out he looks at me and says "im only gonna try this 3 times if it pops off his head 3 times we are doing a c-section" i agreed... i pushed and pushed and i could never catch my breath when he said breath so i started to kinda do it on my own timing, the vacumm popped off 2 times. I knew if i didnt get it on this last one it was cut the muscles time which scares the crap outta me! i push with everything in me (while nikki is screaming "you dont want a c-section, this is your last chance"), i felt Ezra crowning and i also felt tugging on my upper uterus, all the nurses from the night shift were in there cheering me on with my family it was a weird feeling to feel that immense support. Ramirez busted out the scissors to give me an episiotomy and next thing i know Ezras head was out Ramirez  in a very stern voice says "stop pushing" I feel his hand go inside me, his glove squeaking around as he was turning Ezra and then i feel him tugging with incredible torc and pushing on Ezras head, it was at that point i knew the chord was around Ezra's neck and my Doc was working intently on getting it off, i felt it snap back more than once and we all saw the intensity of the situation in the doctors eyes, he finally unwraps it at least once, it all took about 30-45 seconds and it felt like forever. that also explained the fact that Ezras head was never as deep as it could have been, and with every push i was choking my son out! Finally i am able to push again and in one good push  i felt him break through i could feel every part of him squeaking out of me, shoulders, chest, belly butt, legs, feet, such an odd feeling but totally a cool experience. I ripped from the point where my episiotomy ended to my anus they call it a level 4 tear and 4 is the highest you can go. He came out chord around his neck, i dont know how many times it was wrapped exactly but it wasnt pretty. It took 20 minutes from the time i started pushing till Ezra emerged into our world.

     Ezra was blue and lifeless rushed to the warmer where luckily the NICU had been standing by and they started emergency resucitation on him, sucking fluids from his lungs, throat, and nose, and rubbing down his body for circulation and warmth. this all took about 10 minutes before he was stable. My father on the outside of the door who was shocked that the quick check up turned into pushing which was over relatively quickly with cheering and clapping turned to silence and no baby crys, he listened for something anything then he heard the hustle and bustle of the emergency and those cheers turned in to "oh god, come on Ezra, come on baby" he was standing out there sobbing beside himself and praying, Mike was freaking out, my mom even started to panic and at one point opened the door to find my dad and told him "if you aren't already praying, start"

part of the cord they cut from around his neck

Ezra finally crying
They finally let me touch him, for a brief 15 seconds before they took him to the NICU

I began to cry.
the doc letting me know what was going on...
 Once Ezra was stable they took him to the NICU aside from the not breathing episode his right arm wasnt working at all and they were worried his collar bone was broken. Mike and My dad followed him to the NICU to make sure everything was ok and Mike had his first moment with Ezra where he began to cry, he and my dad sobbed together grateful for Ez being alive. My mom and Nikki stayed back with me, i had to wait for the epidural to wear off before i could stand up. when i finally was able to see him in the NICU my mom and I tried to get him to latch on. He was definitely in shock from the whole ordeal and he would remain that way for a couple days. It wasnt till that night when Mike and I were in there visiting Ezra that he cried for the first time and it was so raw and emotional for him it was almost as if he was telling us all about it, like he heard our voices together and was immediatly unloading his heart to us. i held him that night and it was the first time i was able to feel the reality of it all the first real moment i had with my son ever and i was sobbing and crying into his little neck.

moments after getting to the NICU
that night, the bruise on his neck from the cord

our first family photo in the NICU

Luckily His clavicle wasn't broken but he had nerve damage in that arm from the cord pinching so tight it pinched off the signal to his brain and he had a lot of pain from it, called Brachial Plexus Palsy,  he was assigned a physical therapist. He also developed a little jaundice while in the NICU and had to go under a UV light. In total Ez was in the NICU 5 days.

In the NICU

Our entire stay there went pretty good the Doc gave me an extra day in the hospital and then when it was time to be discharged I got to board in for free because Ezra was there and I was breast feeding him, which by the way is the most painful part of everything, labor, delivery nothing compared to the feeling that at any moment one of my boobs would explode. Also from friday to thursday i had only got like 10 hours of sleep, that didnt help anything. I had a melt down at one point after getting the run around from the NICU nurses and finally wednsday one of them said to me that my milk wasn't good enough for Ezra and he would have to stay there longer unless i let them feed him formula... the crap hit the fan at that point and finally I spoke to a doctor that was able to take care of stuff! boy was the NICU kissing our butts at that point. we finally took him home thursday afternoon and it felt awesome!

car ride home from the hospital

 since then we have been super busy not sleeping and trying to catch up on sleep... but so far its been the best experience ever. Mike and I are extremely blessed and if it weren't for a cysts expelling all the hormones needed to sustain this pregnancy we would have never become pregnant to begin with. a series of things going wrong and being turned around to go right, one miracle after another and we have our son. Its been a long road and im so glad he is here!

1 week birthday

a boy and his tiger

3 week birthday