Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Wallick Family Update

      So its been a while! Today Ezra is 2 months and 1 week! I cant believe how fast he is growing it excites me and makes me sad! Mike went back to work on November 9th which was a good thing and a little bit upsetting, both myself and Ezra miss him. It is evident Ez knows the difference after having 2 parents in his face 24/7 to only one for most of the time!
      Ezra has gone through 3 growth spurts 2 of which threw the whole house off, to the point where his sleep patterns and my milk supply have been effected. I have been so tired especially since mike has gone back to work we have begun to add formula to my milk at night before bed to bulk it up so he sleeps longer, plus me going back to school 2 nights a week we were all over the map and now My milk supply is low and that causes crazy baby and more frequent feedings and more formula substituting which I am not a fan of, period! Yesterday was Mikes day off and Ezra refuses to sleep like he will miss out on the action or something but he seems to want that time with Mike, However it throws him off for a day or two, mix that with the lack of milk and me trying to re-implement our schedule... it is mayhem! My first line of action FENUGREEK stimulates milk supply exponentially! Which means more to feed and pump and store and more calories burned (because we know that is a huge must!) Also a nice little side effect it makes your sweat, urine and sometime poo smell like maple syrup same with Ezra he will also sport a little Ihop aroma as well! Totally down to smell sweet since the hormones from having the baby have made me get this funk smell going on, even straight out of the shower, not a joy of motherhood, needn't I say! Another down side to the sporadic breast feeding and sleep habits... A period, yes it has been exactly a year since I have had one, super disappointed but the silver lining... I will have a better idea of when Im pregnant again!
      Haven't even begun to work out yet, Im way disappointed in myself but I have taken into consideration that I have a new baby and well until I get a jogger stroller I have to do it when Mike is home. I plan to borrow one from a friend but that will probably not happen for a couple more days anyway with thanksgiving and menses all taking place!

A few fun Facts:
* Ez is literally growing about a half an inch a week!
* He is in 3-6 month clothes now
* He had his shots at 6 weeks and the flu vaccination made him sick for 2 days.
* He holds his head up, which started about 6.5 weeks
* He still loves to dance
* He was in the 98th percentile for his height, 55th for weight to height, and 40th for his head @6 weeks    
   Who knows how nuts it is now?!
* He was dedicated to God on Oct 30th @6 weeks old
* He laughs ALL the time, at least when he isn't fussing through a growth spurt or an off day!
* He now mimics whistle lips, waving, sticking out your tongue, eye brows up and down, and the sound
* He laughs a lot
* He has found his syllables "Ma" and "Ggg" (ggg as in "g"rapes)

Dedication day!

In other news:
   Almost done with school this semester 4 weeks left. I have a presentation and two tests in one class that I haven't even opened the book for yet, wish me luck on that one. And a few more projects due in ceramics due on Dec 2nd, I am doing very well in ceramics and in talking to my teacher I have decided to do custom pottery pieces and sell them, that will come in handy along with my hair jobs and photography company!
   Mike and I got a new truck so now we have 2 working vehicles I am giving my other car to my brother and using it as a tax write off!
   As of January 1st I will be a university girl continuing Pre-med goals, psychology and sociology.
   This up coming year Mike and I decided to go on a missions trip to Costa Rica in July. We will be fundraising and looking for sponsors. We started a fund that anyone can donate to via credit card, debit card or pay pal so if any one is interested in supporting out cause check out the link! I will be talking more and more about it as the trip gets closer.


The How It Is Alert: A Means To An End:::
    I have a Cyber-Stalker I am actually quite flattered that this individual has allowed me to invade her thoughts and ruin her relationships without me even lifting a finger, batting an eye, or caring about her, who she is or what she stands for. It's interesting to be given such authority in ones life without being asked or even involved. Fantasy emotions conjured up out of nothing, maybe jealousy, or an obvious personality disorder. But know this, everything I post be it on my blog or on Facebook anything public forum is all PUBLIC there is nothing that hasn't been heard, read, seen by others on my sites that I have posted because I have nothing to hide. I will NOT be censored or walk on eggshells to please people. I say it how it is and some people can't handle that, but it is in No way my problem or the problem of anyone with whom I have relationship, so stop bothering others by twisting and manipulating.  If there is something you would like to say instead of stirring the pot and attempting to cause dissension in my happy little life feel free to email me and Ill call you Im willing to have a grown up conversation over the phone. Otherwise put on your big girl panties and quit sending my child things! You are spending money to warm the homeless. Im setting BOUNDARIES for myself and my family. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND ADHERE TO THEM.  You are the only one who lets what I say cause you to show your true ugly colors, acting in this unhealthy hateful manner, its petty and predictable.  I don't have time to Hate people who hate me because Im too busy loving people who love me! I am done with you and this topic as is the rest of the world according to you. Thank you and once again I pray you get out of life whatever it is you are searching for.



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