Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here's The Skinny... (nutshell version)

     As I sit here now Im enjoying a Peach pop from Trader Joes, Amazing and all natural!
             I haven't been very hungry lately and Im wondering if my body is keeping the consumption rate at an all time low as to prepare for labor. I have however been drinking like a fish, I don't think I will have the dehydration issues I hear so much about. Last week my doctor called me with the results of my 3 hour glucose test, they said it was slightly elevated so they are going to play it safe and treat it as though I have full blown gestational diabetes, which on one end "yay Im glad my doctor is so on top of things, its mind boggling" but on the other end Im like "wow really, now with 2-3 weeks to go" I asked what the numbers were. Hour one my blood drew at 30 points below, Hour two 10 points above, and Hour three 1 point above! Im like wow that is ridiculous! But what ever blows their skirts up! Then they had to refer me an Endocrinologist, that was the wednesday before last, I was supposed to hear from this guy yesterday and here it is the following Thursday... I say "to hell with it!" Also I am anemic, and now on iron, that sounds about right!
        A few days ago my Braxton Hicks were all over the place and painful it was nuts, but of corse nothing came of it! Yesterday we had another follow up ultrasound appt. and "everything looks amazing" Ezra is measuring 2 weeks ahead now, he is 6.6 pounds (a whole pound more than a week and a half ago!), we got the same remark we have got about him since 7 weeks of age "VERY ACTIVE" (I've been bracing myself low these many months in preparation for what that actually means!!! Lord help us!), his head is engaged, he is in torpedo stance... waiting for the launch sequence (a little humor for my late stepfather) Ez seems ready! Last night part of my mucus plug came out... so impending labor imminence is hovering!  It can be 4 hours or 3 weeks! yayyy...
           I have really nothing done, the house is tidy, but not spotless, his room is coming together but not in full effect, there is a good amount of stuff I need to do and though I would love for it to be done I really just dont care! Ive come to the conclusion that Ezra will come when he is ready, however any stress I put on myself not only will prolong it all but it will hinder me from being as rested as I need to be when he finally does arrive. I have been nesting but not like I had planned or would like, because on the heels of activity is hours of narcoleptic coma! I think my body is fighting me and Im done going back and forth, If Ezra comes in 2 hours I will be prepared as much as one can be and most of it is every emotional need and all basic needs. He isn't going to be in his room for a while we have plenty of time. I doubt he will march out of my womb demanding nothing but the top notch! I will get it done when my body is ready for me to get it done, end of story! My bags are packed, diapers and feeding stuff are in place, the kid has clothes, and we are ready to Love on him thats all that matters.


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  1. Ekk! So what did the mucus plug look like? Sorry, I know this is more TMI but I am just curious. Has the doctor checked to see if you are dialated at all? So exciting!