Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ms Archives #3 (9/11/2007)

life (or death) as we know it.       9/11/2007

Current mood:crushed
so with everything ive been through i'm still strong, this streanth is not my own. in the past 3 weeks my fave grand parents have been in the hosp. one with conjestive heart failier and the other a stroke, Ive gotten excited about being  pregnant,my dog had her puppies, my uncle died, my mother inlaw has gall bladder problems, my father in law heart complications, my car broke down and its fairly new, my electricity got turned off because my family is retarded and for some reason seeks to screw me over and i have been with out lights for over a week, my land lords are going through our stuff when we aren't home and now want to move back into their home (the one we had an option to buy on, not any more) and yesterday i passed a huge clot and i am pretty sure i am no longer pregnant. mike and i are moving i hate moving yet there is comfort in dramatic change for me especially on the heels of crap. AND HERE I SIT STRONG, ya know sometimes you have to save face and act like its all ok eventhough it isn't because if your weakness is shown you will be obliterated, or so it seems. i still go to work and school i love my husband and clean my home, but at some point in life something has gotta give and turn over a new leaf! but its all good IM STRONG.

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