Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MS Archives #13 (4/20/2008)

Words have power, the power of death or life,,, you choose!

Current mood:blessed
Wills, Must's, Do's!!!
*God does love me and favor me.
*There is a promise on my life and my marriage.
*I will obey God.
*I will support my husband in everything he does.
*I am smart, empowered, inquisitive, creative and beautiful.
*I will do what is right for my mind my body, and my spirit; because if it right for me it is good for my family.
*I will lose weight and get fit.
*I will live in an amazing home.
*My finances WILL improve and I WILL share it with God and thank him for it (little is blessed with much).
*I will have smart, beautiful, obeidiant children, they will respect and love us wholly, fully knowing their parents and fearing God, all generational curses will not exist on my childrens heads, they will have discernment and be well disaplined.
* I will make good choices socially.
* I will forgive my family for my past, daily.
*I will praise my husband daily, both to his faceand when he is not around.
*I will be neater, tidier and cleaner in and with my living conditions, for my husband subconciously measures LOVE by the cleanlieness of his home and living space.
*I must/will pray more.
*I must/will read scripture daily.
* I will be a wonderful wife/lover, friend and future mommy.
*I will go to school, get great grades and graduate an RN.
*We will afford it.
* I will meet my personal physical goals and be satisfied!
*I will have a good job and excell in it.
*I will go in to ministry.
*I must/will sing more.
*I must have fresh flowers in my home weekly, to remind me of how intricate Gods love is.
*I will keep the cat box clean.
*I admire my husband.
*Mike will come to know God in ways he has never imagined.
*Mike will be healed from the inside out, physically, mentally, emotionaly and spiritualy.
*Mike will wholly understand the depth of my love for him and be greteful.
*I admire my husband.
*Mike will understand my fixation with physical attention, intamacy, and adoration. And no longer ridicule me for it.
* I need my heart softer.
*I will stop swearing.
*my lawns will be green...(literally, front and back!)
*The family slander will cease!
*God rocks and people will know that about me and my family before we ever speak!
*I will have a happy "hate-free" marriage.
*Hate, resentment, and anger no longer have a place in my life or marriage. The buck stops here, no more games, our feet are grounded. Divorce has never been nor will ever be an option here.
*Communication will be sincere and nice.
*My future children will never have excusses for anything in life, they will fully know responsability.
*I am a very fortunate and lucky girl.
*I am young and will always be in heart & spirit.
*I will never let the sun go down on my anger, anger breeds hate and hate has no home.
*I am a dreamer my sleep is sacred, it is my time to see God face to face, I claim my sleep for God.
*Thankyou God for my hot hubby!
*I will daily be greteful for my wonderful husband even on days he has permenant stink eye!
*I will be trust worthy.
*The grass is always greener... over the septic tank, "I'd rather water my own thank you!"
*I will get a dirtbike and strive to be aight on it!


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