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MS Archives #4 (10/2/2007)

get the heck over it!!!   10/2/2007

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hey-a everyone well stuff got worse, so our house was broken into, yes stuff was stolen, my computer and like 150 dvds and mike ps2 and all our games, gggrrrrr, come to find out it was our landlords and to add insult to injury they have been going in and out of our home since we moved in with out our knowledge!!!(frigen creepy) good thing we were on our way out anyway, so we finally got all our stuff into our new home yesterday, our new landlord is super cool and laid back yet at the same time acts like a real professional, the house we are in is a lease with option to buy so mike and i are super excited!!! my job is screwing me over again so i am looking for something better, i'm still in school and i deff need a tutor for my algebra class (i hate math) and i literally can't understand a word my teacher says i have no clue what country he is from. anywho dispite our pitfalls mike and i are doing supurb, i love that man he makes me laugh all the time and its great. so anywho just wanted to let everyone know i'm doing great and dont ever get discouraged when life is stupid, laugh it off.                                                                       

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