Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to my BLOG SPOT!

      So I've been mulling around the idea of starting a Blog for a while now,  I started to Blog a little on myspace several years back and I found it very therapeutic. I no longer use myspace and have been strictly a FaceBook girl. I have written a couple notes here and there my 2 most recent I cut and pasted as my first 2 blogs on this site and tagged them as (recent past), I plan to retrieve my archived myspace blogs as well just to give a better, more well rounded view of who I am, where Im from and how much I've grown!  I always find it fun to compare then to now and sometimes in just doing that one learns so much about themselves. In the days to come when reading anything that is old I will claim so in my title and I will tag it as archived MS or archived FB, so there isn't any confusion perhaps I can find a way to change their color so you would know upon immediate opening that it is clearly different from a normal everyday blog!

    Moving on, a little about My Life. I grew up the daughter of a missions pastor with a stay at home crafty too smart for her own good mother and a younger needy-ish little brother. I was and still am very much am a tomboy, independent and 100% responsible for my choices, so a majority of what people would call my "careless choices" were actually very well thought out, all options weighed and any mishap that may fall upon me I took full responsibility!  I have always been head strong and I do it MY way, on the contrary I am very teachable (depending on whose teaching or what I have to learn) and I am far from selfish I like to call it compassionate to a fault. My fiery passion and insistence deems me a bitch but ehhh such is life! My parents divorced when I was 9, I was immediately over it making light of the situation, not once swayed to guilt or boo hoo's. It just made me think them fools and I vowed to know myself well enough to choose a good mate and not fall into the same trap.  I was a dare devil of sorts and very rebellious growing up not one to conform or go with the flow without testing it.  At 14 I felt God calling me to the ministry, being a girl that wanted to dabble in everything from being a vet to the first professional female football player it was both exciting and a heavy burden. The announcement was made to my church my encounter with God and I was met with a roar of laughter from the congregation... I'm still finding it hard to be worthy enough to be used by God under the microscope.  At 15 my mothers schooling and hard work to be a nurse finally paid off it was something to be proud of for her and I could see myself being just as strong someday but I knew I would possibly surpass my mentor because I had the training of the adult while she was at school, work or studying and I figured it out for myself I don't really blame her for my, in some peoples eyes "abandonment", but it couldn't have happened to a better girl I thrived on doing my own things and learning to be many things at once. I learned to follow God like nobodies business. There have been many down falls, hardships, and joyous occasions I have faced in my life and I have come out of all of them unscathed, grown, purified so to speak & maybe stronger.  I will share in the coming weeks months and years many stories as I cant write an entire autobiography right here right now.

   A touch on life as I know it now. I am going to school to be a Doctor with multiple degrees in Medicine, Psychology and Theology. My experience tells me "The body is not absent from the brain (mind) and visa versa, and to hope and have faith can have a remarkable effect on both as well," its been a long road and it's going to continue to be a long road.  I married my best friend and soul mate 7 years ago, we have been through the ringer... I blame him! Ha ha! We have done a lot of growing up to say the least and even still its just begun. We recently became pregnant after several miscarriages and a near divorce. But here we are enveloped in happiness we never thought possible. The gooey stuff you thought only eccentric writers on acid would bullshit about! Ha ha! We are having a Boy and his name is Ezra Michael Wallick and we are foaming at the mouth with anticipation of his arrival. It has taken a lot to get this child here, 4 months of strict bed rest 2 doctors and specialists to keep me healthy and pregnant, many scares from me having AntiPhospholipid Syndrome to the latest is Ezra has Downs syndrome!  We have tests out the yang, last Thursday I had an Amniocentesis preformed and we are now holding are breath that nothing goes wrong due to that test and we humbly await our results "does Ezra have DS?" Either way we are ready for this little buddy to be in our arms.  God chose us to be his parents for a reason, I cant ask for anything more than that!  All God has to do is ask and I'm all there, Hit the ground running, to know, is to do, is to be...
~Until next time... Mandi

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