Saturday, May 14, 2011

The small things... (FB 5/3/2011)

     So our car stereo hasn't been working for a while, which I'm sure its the wire harness getting pinched again. Anyway I've realized I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God provides and works in huge miraculous ways, I'm not much of a whiner so I don't think of the minuet things to trouble him with, but he knows my needs... When after a month of no music in the car I turn it on and music blares through the speakers a flood of tears began to flow. My soul and heart NEED a melody or a beat to thump too I am lost with out it, I find I am less stressed and do better in life all around when I regularly listen to some tunes, any tune! I find I don't always think to turn some on while alone at home, but when I have moments to think deeply like driving or in the shower that is when is imperative.

    So today God reminded me though I already knew, I actually felt his gesture of love and Grace when I turned my car on, call me dumb but it was a sign I've been patiently waiting for from him! I cried and sang as Ezra thumped along! 

    I got to the parking lot at the hospital so I could fill the rest of my prescription I was almost scared to turn off the car, but I said "it is what it is", I went into the pharmacy to fill the prescription I had fully planned on paying for, when I didn't have to pay I argued the lady that "my insurance didn't cover it" she said "Amanda, it is what it is!" I walked back out to the car with a smile on my face and my music also came back on when I started it!

   So when I tell others God covers the little things, he really does even the micro mini little things! 

   I look forward to dancing and singing with my little man, and showing him Gods intricacies in all that is small and otherwise meaningless to us stupid selfish humans! I am so blessed and my life has been a constant reminder of that as long as I have been living! I'm a lucky girl!

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