Monday, May 16, 2011

Just another Day...

      So this morning I finally wake up to a full nights sleep! Oh it felt so good! After no sleep really for 2 days I was ready and willing! Between the bodyaches and the lack of sleep I was a high priority sleep code!
          THE JOYS OF PREGNANCY: Lately the last 2 weeks I have noticed every morning when I wake up my feet are super crazy sore like Ive been running a marathon in glass and gravel, what is up with that? I know womens feet swell or grow do to the hormones and they are perhaps in shock from the new weight and my changed center of gravity but really now this is crazy feeling! My ab muscles freak out regularly from the stretch and they tighten up around Ezra. The tightening is excrutiating and usually Ezra kicks back as if to protest the squeezing which causes a whole slue of cramp events, I cramp so he kicks so I cramp some more its quite annoying but I laugh usually, partly out of frustration.  This all brings me onto leg muscles I cant stretch with out something pulling or burning or spasming, night time its bad. Ive read about women getting shin splints and charlie horses at night, yeah I hate those and I hope it doesnt get that hard core with me! My body usually aches all over and the cravings continue. Some days I eat and eat and eat and other days Im barely hungry there is no happy medium in pregnancy I guess! The regular cravings for tacos day and night is awesome, and the latest is Sugar bear cereal or Honey smacks (same difference) Ive eaten a whole box in 2 sittings already its quite rediculous!
           THE "EZRA'S WHOLE" PROJECT: We are still waiting on the results of Ezras Amniocentisis. So far just from the precedure I have had mild cramping and fatigue but none of the bad stuff like leaking or bleeding. Which is a huge relief and I'm thinking we are safe from all of that even though the paperwork stipulates with in 7 days.  I cant wait to be able to be more active again after the 7 days and much looking forward to sex!
           SUMMER COUNT DOWN: Today I have plans to finish my Statistics project and study for 2 finals, so far I havent touched any of them (today)! I think 2p is a good time to start on finishing the project it shouldn't take more than an hour to compute the data and write the report on my findings. The Stats final I need to create my cheat sheet and go over some things which I can take about an hour or so on, and then Logic I just need to go over a few things to get the hang of the stupid little questions that teacher throws out there, Luckily with both classes there are guides and notes we use on the tests! My Logic test is tonight @7pm and My stats Test 7:30 am tomorrow. Then I have the house to clean, my hair to perfect and preparation for my graduation ceremony, I have been waiting a year for! This will be my second associates degree, it's AS in Natural Sciences, next Spring I should be at Cal State University of Channel Islands for my BA in psychology and BS in biology/Pre Med that should take me about 2.5 to 3 years depending... now a little longer than my original plan seeing that a baby is part of it and we want a family of 5. So 2 more pregnancies after this! WISH ME LUCK!



  1. Praying for your little family of 3!

  2. Thank you deary... That makes me happy to know I have a large Circle of people in our corner!