Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday Mike and I had an ultrasound appointment, Ezra has gained almost a half pound in 5 days! He is still measuring a little over 2 weeks ahead, and the tech didn't get the best shots of him this time around which is obviously troubling to Mike he says to Ezra when we got in the car... "I don't know buddy, Im a little worried you are really looking like mom today!" Really? Wow I was under the impression by EVERYONE that I was a cute baby and child, of course the first weeks out are scary but hey when is it not?!  My take is either way I have always felt Ezra looks like both of us though there is a stronger resemblance to Mike, and we were both good looking Kids, at least we turned out to be good looking adults! So I am posting Ezras ultrasounds and pix of Mike and I as kids so the public can decide! Obviously we wont fully know till he is out but as of now let the comparing commence! I would also like to hear some feed back on whether it is a good thing or not as to how I looked as a kid though Im a little fragile right now but the truth is needed! Ha ha!

And our recent ones... the profile, chubby face and one with more bone structure.

Pictures of Mike...

Pictures of me...

So there you have it, baby and kid pix, cast your Votes!


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  1. How fun! I just did a recent post like this too!
    I would say based off Ezra's 2nd and 3rd ultra sound photo, he has your nose based on your 5th baby photo! I love the photo of you in your high chair. So cute!!!