Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day by Day...

       Day in and day out though I am completely done with this pregnancy business and the only changes are that Ezra is getting bigger and heavier, my hands go numb faster and pretty much stay there, Im more tired, yadda yadda you get it. I have totally different days yesterday and today are 2 completely different beasts even though I feel just as crappy as yesterday! This Blog is going to be quite random since I have so much going on up there in my head and its all equally BS. Ha Ha at least I am honest!

     My cravings have entailed a wide variety of snacks lately, Frozen Lemonade from Hot Dog on a stick, uncrustables, strawberries, grapefruit, and garlic bread! Gotta love it!

          So yesterday mike and I got to walk 3 mikes from the green pin home to the red pin. All because some rude teenager at the Shores Inn 

Yeah remember that picture 1059 Seaward, if you look them up online there are like 5 posts on this place on the first page talking about what a dump it is!
       Anyway this rude teenager who works there had our car towed illegally! Behind this lovely establishment are parking spaces connected to the alley right in front of our house! This summer there are so many tourists and well no one stays there, in fact all our neighbors park there, and there are no signs posted anywhere stating that it isn't ok. After calling the cops, filing a police report they find our car was towed by Double R towing (another award winning establishment that doesn't know their butt from a hole in the ground) I marched myself over to the shores all angsty, pregnant, no bra, pillow hair looking all white trash and haggard and the kid was seconds from breaking down into tears, through his lying teeth. Then Mike 5 min later gets there because I didn't even care to check my appearance before I made like a bat outta hell out our front door. Once Mike was there it was on, this kid was stuttering, stumbling on his words, the whole 9... we were livid to say the least! So then I call their corporate office and they tell me that he shouldn't have towed it at all, then when I call her back to find out when they are paying the towing company so we can get our car back the woman starts to back pedal, as she called the kid at the office and he told her we were notified, several weeks ago... ummm no we weren't and we haven't even had this car that long! I want to know why the neighbors cars weren't towed!? We were the closest to the alley thats probably why and when everyone saw me flip they must have decided not to park there either! Its lame! So anyway I talk to the towing company we are broke till friday, my dad says he will front the money till then, the towing place says that the car is there we need to be there and they will take a credit card over the phone and we can pick our car up and leave. So we take a cab down there which was ridiculous their rates... like half a tank of gas for 3 miles, anywho we get there and we find out our car is at a different location but we need to pay there, so I go to pay and she doesn't accept the credit card unless my dad is there! WTF! I said "you told me" to the girl behind the glass then she says "I never talked to you" I was like "this is your shift right? you do answer the phone right?, I heard your voice on the other line telling me I could use a credit card over the phone" she was like "oh that was me but thats not what I said" she was soooo protected by the hand of God with that glass because this rage I've been having lately honestly almost scares me! So we were down on luck and walked home and decided to make a good day of it anyway,

Mike called his boss for an advance on his check and we got a ride there this morning and picked it up! Im still seething though $215 later!

        Things have been pretty good other than that, I do have homework right now I should be doing and notes for my final tonight to print out! Mike took 2 days off so we had 4 days together of sleeping in, and going to the beach, we made a dent in Ezras room, removing all the crap we didn't need, we also got our washer and dryer out of storage and will be hooking it all up this weekend I am so excited! My last day of school is Monday. Tomorrow I need to see a counselor to relinquish my financial aid for the fall semester. And then I should be good to go! This next week I will be able to clean and work on Ezras room I am very excited about all of this! Mike is really trying to make strides to be helpful some are and some arent but he is trying nonetheless and I am working on not being such a pregnant maniac, I hope we can work on Ez room together.

       Mike has been talking about taking a month off work when Ezra comes and I must admit as I did to him last night the thought of him home hovering 24-7 for a whole month scares me. The man who was questioning my pregnancy like I should be doing more to make things better as if he is a doctor or a nutritionist, the man who pushes me to nest for his benefit and claims he is helping me nest, the man who talks like my sleeping habits are a hindrance to healthy activity, the man who likes his house clean and his dinner ready and his own alone time just so... Im thinking "really? forget that!" I dont need the peanut gallery while Im trying to figure out all the new things I am responsible for while I heal, have barely any sleep, and am still hormonal. I love him but I told him "I will kill you, you need to learn to help and keep your mouth shut" his response "I'll go surfing to get out of your hair" well isnt that sweet! So we agreed on taking it a week at a time. I love that man I really do, I am by no means complaining but between him, this child in me and this mess Im moments from taking a hostage!  He had one good observation, playing with Ez while I sleep, Ill give him that one!

   In other news, the baby shower invites are out and everyone loves them. It feels good that there is some progress on this whole shower ordeal, I feel like the start of that and the end of school this semester I can breath easier. For everyone attending I have a "my registry" which can get confusing so you can also just look up Mandi Wallick under Target or Babies R Us, don't put in a city. The expected due date is September 25th, 2011.  I made sure I picked out plenty of items under $30 and even better $10-$15 range because times are rough out there! Good luck and thank you every one for your support!


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